Card Counting in Blackjack

Card Counting in Blackjack

We are all captivated by the stories of the skilled players who manage to outplay the casino’s dealers, after which they can leave the casino with hard-earned winnings. This may also be why many gamblers are fascinated by the concept of card counting. If Black Jack is your casino game of choice, we strongly recommend that you learn how to count cards so that you can beat the odds and win a large amount of cold hard cash.

You must of course learn about the rules of blackjack before you can start counting cards in the game. You can read how to play blackjack here.

DanskeOnlineCasinoer’s card counting article will teach you some of the techniques used by the most successful Black Jack players throughout history. You will also get an insight into the strategies that can be used so that you are not caught red-handed when playing with the big boys!

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What is card counting?

card counting

Card counting, also often referred to as card reading, is a casino strategy often used in Black Jack so that players can decide in advance whether the next hand will have an advantage for either the dealer or the player. A card counter typically tries to reduce the casino’s House Edge by playing with great attention and keeping an eye on all cards that are drawn in the game.

If you are aware of which low and high cards have been dealt, the player will have the opportunity to calculate probabilities for the next card drawn from the deck. So if you choose to use this strategy with card counting, you will be able to win big once you learn to master this strategy.

Why is card counting so fascinating?

counting so fascinating

For players who have never counted cards in their life, this is undoubtedly a mystery that will enchant them and will give them the will to learn this fascinating strategy.

This could possibly be because players who count cards often seem more daring than most other players. It may also be because there are stories of people who are very persistent and intend to use the strategy to make big wins when playing Black Jack. It can also be due to something more fundamental; that players always want to find the way to beat the casino and win the biggest prizes possible.

The reason card counting is so fascinating may also be because it’s good to see that even small players have a chance to keep up with the big boys if they manage to use this strategy.

Facts about card counting

  • Card counting is legal but not supported by casinos.
  • A player can achieve a house edge of around 0.5 to 1%
  • Players can lose even if they count cards.
  • You must have a fairly large budget if you want to use card counting as a strategy.
  • Avoid the casino detecting you.

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