If you want to win prizes, try these games to win money

win prizes

If we are suddenly told that there are games to win money, we would think that it is a lie or an illusory pursuit. The truth is that this can be achieved without the fees being too high, but with the assurance that it is not a scam. We won’t kid ourselves, it’s not an asset we can comfortably live with, but it can be a little income if we don’t have a trade.

There are titles that require you to complete a series of tasks to earn these rewards, while others are simply online tournaments with great prizes like those seen on television.

Big Time – Make money

It includes mini-games that allow you to win tickets for a cash raffle through intelligence, reflexes and action games, among others. The more we play, the more tickets we can win, sign up for the money draw later. Of course, this does not prevent us from seeing ads, as this is the main source of income for the application.

Lucky Day – Win Real Money

It allows us to play raffles, sweepstakes and more so you can earn money without investing a single penny. Similarly, you can choose to earn real money or get gift cards from different platforms like Amazon, Dunkin Donuts, Walmart, etc.

Knife Bounty

An arcade themed game featuring the now legendary knife set and it allows us to win prizes. It has many levels, each with a different objective. The goal is to hit the object with the knives until it breaks completely. The more knives you use, the more chances you have to win.

Daring Descent

Daring Descent

The goal is to play any of the games and collect at least one ticket to enter the prize draws. In each draw, a portion of the advertising revenue is shared with one lucky winner. The more users there are, the more money is distributed. There are no in-app purchases and you don’t have to pay to win.

MISTPLAY: Gift cards and prizes for the game

Another game that has a lot of games that also helps you earn extra income. As before, we need to play the most titles available on the platform to be eligible for various rewards or prizes. These rewards are gift cards on Visa, Amazon or Google Play.

Cashyy – Play and win gift cards

This is a completely free application that gives us different missions or tasks to earn some money. We’re not going to get rich playing it, but it’s a good alternative, especially since most of the games we have to play are pretty popular. In exchange for completing missions, you give us virtual currencies, these virtual currencies can be redeemed for Amazon, iTunes or PayPal checks, among others.


With more than 16 categories, it presents a wide range of questionnaires to be solved on the logos of various fields. In this game, the chance must be daily, since we can choose prizes every day. It also allows you to compete online and meet your friends in quiz battles.

Double double

Their main source of income is advertising, as is the case with many of the titles on this list. For this reason, the platform shares a part of the income in prizes. Of course, you have to play to collect tickets and qualify for these prizes, as most puzzle and board games involve many other players.

Tiki Slots

Tiki Slots

A slot game in which we must participate several times in order to be eligible for prizes distributed among users. You get bonuses to decide on the draw, which is not a problem for fans of one of the most popular slot machines.

Who wants to be a millionaire?

The legendary television game has a digital version for Android. This will test our knowledge, we will call someone from the audience and expand your team of experts. We also experience moments of laughter, nervousness and pure tension, feelings that the real program breathes.

SpinToWin prize game

This is one of the few games where you can win money and you have to do very little. It’s simply about lotteries, in which if we sign up quickly and participate, we will have many opportunities to win the prizes that will be drawn. This means you have to spend a long time in the game to enter the draw, but it’s worth it.

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