Frequently Asked Questions about Roulette

Questions about Roulette

What options do I have to make the best bet in Roulette?

It is not easy to pinpoint the best bet in Roulette, but it would be easy to say that the best bet is the most profitable bet.

Still, there are some bets that have a greater chance of winning than others. These are the following: Outside Bets, Even/Odd, Even Money, High/Low, Red/Black and Columns/Dozens. With these bets, you have the greatest winning chances, which also help to reduce the risk of a miss.

With these colors and numbers, you get a 50% chance of winning, and they can therefore ‘only’ double your bet.

Is online Roulette a trustworthy game?

online Roulette

Roulette has been known for hundreds of years and has been played by billions of people. You can be 100% sure that everything goes as it should, if you choose to play at an online casino with a Danish license.

The various online casinos have a specific roulette system that they must follow. This system is also called the randomness system, RNG, which directly stands for Random Number Generators. This system ensures that all spins in Roulette are distributed 100% randomly.

The payout percentages are also calculated in advance, so that all players can see these figures.

Overall, you can therefore easily trust the online casinos that have a Danish license.

Which system is the best in Roulette?

There is no 100% safe scientifically approved roulette strategy.

However, many players still use the double system. The double system simply means that you as a player must double your next bet every time you lose the previous bet.

You continue with this approach until you win. Here it is important to stick to playing on the same color throughout.

Let’s take an example. You start by placing 20 kroner on red and lose this. Next, with the double system, 40 kroner must therefore be played on red again. If you lose this again, you now play DKK 80 further.

Sooner or later you will win, and thus you will get your money back plus a profit. You decide how big you want your profit to be, as it is you who decides the size of the first bet.

Are there different systems in Roulette?

different systems in Roulette

There are no systems in Roulette, although some players may claim otherwise.

The game is about sheer luck, and here no system has proven to this day that it can make a profit in Roulette with a government guarantee.

The dealer/house will always have an advantage in any case, and you as a player cannot change this in the game.

In other words, it is about your portion of luck in Roulette, and it is this luck that will determine whether you leave the table with a deficit or a profit on the account.

Does the dealer have any influence on when the ball stops in Roulette?

The dealer has absolutely no influence on the course of the game, and therefore no influence on when and where the ball will stop in the roulette wheel.

It is downright impossible for a dealer to be able to stop a ball in a roulette wheel, regardless of which dealer we are talking about. The game is built solely around luck.

Studies have also emphasized that it is downright impossible for a dealer to make two identical spins in a row.

These studies are based on assessments of the cancer and the speed of a spin.

In online casinos, spins in the roulette wheels are made with the randomness program RNG, which ensures that all spins are 100% random.

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